Why Should You Choose Mass Communication As A Career Option?

Why Should You Choose Mass Communication As A Career Option?


Well, apart from the fact that Mass Communication is a comprehensive course that is a veritable gateway to a profusion of different spheres, depending on what you like and what you’re exposed to during your course, Journalism and Mass Communication courses in Delhi (or anywhere for that matter), will turn you into an all-rounder. There’s an old saying in journalism circles that journalist is a ‘generalist’, meaning he has to have a grasp on almost any subject under the sun, and this is what the best institutes for mass communication in Delhi indoctrinate their students to be.

The Range Of Career Options for Mass Communication

This is the best thing about Mass Communication, kind of its ace in the hole. It offers a vast range of career options upon completion, which include:

·         Advertising
·         Film-Making
·         Journalism
·         Public Relations
·         Publishing and Printing
·         Radio Jockeying
·         Video Jockeying
·         Disc Jockeying
·         Video Editing

Placement after a journalism and mass communication is not hard if you’ve learned what you were supposed to, but you could make sure you enroll in one of the top BJMC placement colleges in Delhi to be on the safe side.

The Future of Mass Communication Industry
And that’s not all. Let us now get down to some statistics. The future of mass communication looks brilliant as well. According to a report by the auditing giant KPMG, the Indian media and entertainment (M&E) industry are expected to grow from INR 1026 Billion in 2014 to INR 1964 Billion by 2020. It’s already looking like it might even surpass this figure. This growth rate is almost double the growth rate of the global media industry. 


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