The Importance of Play for a Child

The Importance of Play for a Child


The ages 2 through 6 are a crucial time for any child, as this stage is one of fundamental learning and development for them. Children at this age begin to get a sense of their own identity through observation of others around them, be it other children, their parents or other individuals they get in contact with. Playing and experimenting is an inseparable part of the process of learning. Which is why the importance of a playschool cannot be stated enough.

Activities organized at a playschool help develop a child’s intellect in an informal setting while familiarizing them with the structure and style of education they are going to receive later on in their lives. Children learn to be social, meet new people, make friends, and learn from others around them. Group activities help them develop analytical and logical skills.

A new school in Vikas Puri, which has quickly risen through the ranks to be deemed the best playschool in Vikas Puri, says that activities should be structured in a way that children learn through play. It provides these activities as examples:

·      A play with sand and water can be an early introduction to science and math, learning that sand is solid and water is fluid and can be measured in containers of different sizes.
·      Drawing and painting picture, playing with dough, playing with dolls and dressing up can encourage creativity, imagination, and expression of feelings.
·      Dancing, playing ball games, climbing, running, all help to develop body movements, flexibility, and strength as well as coordination skills.
·  Jigsaws, building blocks, shape sorters can help with recognizing different shapes and sizes, developing logic and putting things in order.
·      Playing simple music instruments, singing help to develop rhythm, hearing and listening.
·      Games which include making team help with turn taking, sharing and mixing with others.

If you’re looking for a playschool for your child, you can find the best preschools in West Delhi. Give your child the opportunity to grow!


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