5 Tips on How to Stay Updated On the Latest Fashion Trends

There are various fashion dilettantes who would like to have a more extensive knowledge about fashion and its freshest trends. These include students pursuing fashion designing courses like a BBA infashion designing or a diploma in fashion designing, Instagram models, and/or plainly simple men and women who like to dress well! I’ve had students from a prestigious fashion designing institute in Delhiparticularly ask me about how to stay updated on the newest fashion trends, and thus I decided to write this article. If you’re interested in transforming yourself from a fashion amateur to a fashion connoisseur, I suggest you read this article.
1.Social Media

Of course! Whether it’s fashion trends or breaking news, you’ll find just about anything on social media. And, when it comes to style and fashion, it’s a central hub. You can surf sites like Instagram and Pinterest or read fashion blogs. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s now and what is so yesterday.
2.Subscribe To Newsletters

If y…

3 Easy Hairstyles for Girls That Are Quick and Fab!

Fashion design is not just about apparels, clothes, and accessories, it’s about enhancing the beauty of the human form in any way possible. This includes makeup and hair styling as well. Ask any student pursuing a fashion designing course and they’ll tell you. But makeup and hair styling takes time. And although every student of fashion is taught both, you might not always find the time to style yourself or a model in elegant hairstyles. This blog then, written as always with the help of a fashion designer in Delhi, and students at a reputed fashion designing institute in Delhi is about 3 easy hairstyles for girls (or women) who want to look fab at the quickest!
1.The Ponytail with Base Wrap
Can the ponytail ever go out of fashion? I don’t think so. Try some new additions and variations to your ponytail and you can make it look really charming. For example, put some of the sections of your hair outside and tie a ponytail with a normal hair band. Then, wrap that section of your hair whic…

Passport and Visa Rules When Visiting Delhi International Airport

It is imperative to know the passport and visa rules of a country before visiting it. Holiday Inn Express New Delhi International Airport Terminal 3, one of the leading transit hotels inside Delhi airport advises travellers from foreign countries, as well as from India itself, to keep in mind the following passport and visa rules when visiting the IGI airport.
·For Indian Nationals
Indian nationals travelling abroad require a valid Indian passport and travel authority for the destination country. The travel authority is normally in the form of Visa, which is obtained prior to the journey, except in case of countries where "Visa on Arrival" is available.
Indian nationals travelling abroad may also note that some countries insist on the certain minimum period of passport validity for allowing entry.
·For Foreign Nationals
Foreign Nationals coming to India are required to possess a genuine and valid national passport or any other internationally recognized travel document establishi…

Trending Now – Oversized Floral Wallpapers and Prints

There’s something nostalgic and reminiscent about floral patterns. And when these floral patterns bedeck your walls, the effect is mesmerizing. Oversized floral wallpapers and prints are trending, and the look and feel of these new trends in interior design are unbelievable. If you’ve ever wanted your house to feel gorgeous, modern and timeless - all at the same time, this is it! Larger than life motifs add oodles of drama and depth to your space.
I got to know about this latest trend in interior designing from students of some of the best interior designing colleges in Delhi, where they are pursuing interior designing courses such as a diploma in interior designing in Delhi.

The design oozes romanticism. Although I am not a floral kind of person by nature, these motifs made me change my mind. There is something extremely enigmatic about these oversized floral patterns that make you dream. It’ll be simply amazing to style with them. I mean imagine the possibilities it opens! From moder…

A Fruitful Career As A Fashion Merchandiser

A Fruitful Career As A Fashion Merchandiser
When we hear the word ‘Fashion designing’, models, trendy dresses and glamours world cross our mind. But there many others work fields in the fashion industry like fashion blogging, fashion counselor and fashion merchandising etc in which students are making a successful career. The career path to fashion merchandising is as challenging as it is rewarding. You must be driven, creative, and resourceful, as fashion merchandisers have a keen insight into what will sell and what is destined
International Institute of fashion technologyunderstands the diversity of the fashion industry and providing a number of courses including short-term courses or diploma courses like an interior designing course, fashion designing courses, fashion technology course, textile designing course and etc. After completion of the course, you can look forward to many different work fields like Event Manager, Fashion Editor, Fashion coordinator, Visual Merchandiser Brand…

The Purpose Behind Visual Merchandising

The Purpose Behind Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is a profession that involves displaying merchandise and décor of a store in a way that elicits a positive image of the store and gets customers' attention. It also plays an important role to entice the customers to buy or avail the product or service from the store. Visual merchandising refers to anything that can be seen by the customer inside and outside a store, including displays, decorations, signs, and layout of space.
The overall purpose of visual merchandising is to get customers to come into the store and spend money. Fashion designing course in Delhi focuses on developing the marketing and analytical skills in the students to make them professional visual merchandiser in the industry.
Visual merchandising training programs are available at the certificate and bachelor's degree levels.International Institute of fashion technologyis providing a number of courses including short-term courses or diploma courses…

Why Should You Choose Mass Communication As A Career Option?

Why Should You Choose Mass Communication As A Career Option?

Well, apart from the fact that Mass Communication is a comprehensive course that is a veritable gateway to a profusion of different spheres, depending on what you like and what you’re exposed to during your course, Journalism and Mass Communication courses in Delhi(or anywhere for that matter), will turn you into an all-rounder. There’s an old saying in journalism circles that journalist is a ‘generalist’, meaning he has to have a grasp on almost any subject under the sun, and this is what the best institutes for mass communication in Delhiindoctrinate their students to be.
The Range Of Career Options for Mass Communication
This is the best thing about Mass Communication, kind of its ace in the hole. It offers a vast range of career options upon completion, which include:
·Advertising ·Film-Making ·Journalism ·Public Relations ·Publishing and Printing ·Radio Jockeying ·Video Jockeying ·Disc Jockeying ·Video Editing